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Pensacola Business Lawyer, Real Property Lawyer, Jennifer Lee Bushnell, Attorney at Law 

If you intend to form a business, I can work with you and your accountant and assist you in preparing the documentation to form your business and your relationship with your business partners, as well as protect your business with trademark protection and properly drafted contract documents that will ensure your business success. In the event that you have a contract related dispute, I can assist you in the resolution of the matter.

Why should I form a corporation or limited liability company for my business?  By forming a corporation or limited liability company, you can protect your personal assets from the liabilities of the business.  In addition, you can establish the rules and principles that will govern your relationship with your business partners.  Written agreements protect your legal rights and your investment in the business.  In addition, there are tax benefits associated with the type of entity you chose.   


Mortgage Foreclosure -- If you are an owner of investment property with an owner-financed mortgage, I can assist you with the foreclosure of the property in the event that the mortgagor has defaulted in the payments under the mortgage. 

Foreclosure Defense -- In the event that you are facing foreclosure, I can advise you regarding the various options available to you. If you are in default of your loan, but you have not yet been contacted by an attorney representing the bank, you should request a loan modification package from your bank. Please note that you must provide truthful and accurate information or you may be subject to various penalties, including criminal prosecution. If the bank has filed a foreclosure suit against you, you may still request a loan modification during this process. I will also file an answer to the bank's lawsuit and raise any applicable defenses on your behalf and attend the mandatory mediation (residential only) to modify your loan which may allow you to remain in your home. However, the particular facts and circumstances of your case may mean that none of these options result in you remaining in your home.

Landlord and Tenant Rights --  Under Chapter 83, Florida Statutes, both Landlords and Tenants have various statutory rights.  The Lease Agreement that is entered into is the document that controls your agreement and must comply with Florida laws. 

What happens if I don't pay my rent?  A landlord will have a variety of remedies
available in the event that the rent is unpaid or the property is at risk from damage or any other reason.  Once the Lease is in default for unpaid rent, a Landlord will be able to serve a 3-day notice demanding the unpaid rent and requesting the Tenant to leave the leased property.  The rent must be paid timely or the Landlord will have the right to then immediately evict the tenant, which may be accomplished very quickly.  Any other default under the Lease by the tenant requires a longer time period and an opportunity to cure. 

What happens if my Landlord does not return my security deposit? 
Under Chapter 83, a Landlord must provide you with legal notice of the Landlord's intent to make a claim against your security deposit.  If the Landlord fails to do so, then the Landlord may forfeit any rights to the security deposit and must return it to you.  If notice is given, you may still request return of the security deposit if you can show that the Landlord retained the deposit in bad faith. 

Quiet Title Actions

Partition of Real and Personal Property
Replevin and Conversion


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